Site lock

SiteLock offers a cloud-based web product that monitors websites for cybersecurity threats. The company finds and fixes web threats, prevents future attacks, improves website performance and meets PCI compliance standards for businesses of all sizes (companies that accept card payments – and store, process and transmit cardholder data – need to host data securely and meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards). SiteLock was founded in 2008 and protects over 12 million websites worldwide

What is the SiteLock Trust Seal?

The Trust Seal is a badge which you can display on your website to ensure customers feel safe visiting and providing information on your site.

If a scan fails, site visitors will not be alerted to any problem. The SiteLock seal will simply continue to display the date of the last good scan of the website site. If the site owner fails to rectify the problem, within a few days SiteLock will remove the seal from the site and replace it with a single pixel transparent image. At no point will SiteLock display any indication to visitors that a website has failed a scan.

Customize your SiteLock Trust Seal

Site Lock protect your sensitive information such as credit card information, usernames, passwords etc. It also:

Keeps data secure between servers

Increases your Google Rankings

Builds/Enhances customer trust

Improves conversion rates